Life Is A Sandbox

Ever wonder what the meaning of life is? Perhaps you wonder what it is you are supposed to be doing here. Maybe you feel like you are stuck and can’t quite fulfill what it is you think you want to do. Slow down for a moment and ease your mind. Forget about everything that is going on. I’m about to say something you may or may not be comfortable with hearing.

Life inherently has no meaning.

There you go. It’s been said. How do you feel about this? Are you happy, sad, curious, distressed, neutral, or just don’t care? Perhaps you expected this conclusion and are not alarmed. In all honesty this is something to feel good about. Why should I feel good about this you ask? The reason is actually pretty simple.

This life is yours to live. You make it what you want it to be.

With no predetermined end goal or some sort of meaning to life you can grow and shape your life exactly how you want it. Isn’t that rather liberating? You are in full control and can do whatever you want with your life. Now do you see where the sandbox analogy comes in?

This life presents an open universe to explore with numerous masses of knowledge to seek. There are so many things to do. More that we can do in a lifetime. That means we should get out and experience as much as we can while were able to. The biggest limiting factor to be able to see and do what you want is the means of traveling. You will have a better time exploring planet earth giving that we have a well developed means to traverse the planet than we do traversing space and other planets right now. With this in mind it is worth to note that we have scientists working on ways to traverse space and other planets so perhaps we will be able to efficiently visit Mars or the Moon sometime in the future. I’m also looking forward to the day we discover faster than light travel and are able to travel the galaxy. There are so many cool things to see out there and what little we can view with our telescopes is amazing enough.

Lets get back down to earth again shall we? What is here on this rock that is interesting to do? Well there are so many different kinds of things to do and see like the geological features of the planet, exploring different nations cultures and customs, and having an extraordinary circle of friends to share life with. I could go on with all the things there are to do but you get the picture. Kinda daunting when you think about it all. That’s why it’s best to pick and choose what you want to do.

Feel like there isn’t much you can do to get out of that rut you are in? Well there are ways people do that and it takes some thinking about how you are going to do it. Take a moment and sit down and review your situation. Develop a plan to make changes and set attainable goals that you know you can achieve. Think about the lifestyle you are after and consider what it would take to sustain it. With enough thought and a well laid out plan you can do it. If it doesn’t work out the first time then learn from your failure and try again.

Ultimately this life is yours to live. You can choose to live a good or bad life. You can choose where to go and what to do. The decision to take life by the reigns and make it your own is your choice.


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