Having Gratitude And Being Thankful

Have you ever taken a moment to be thankful for what you already have? It does not matter what it is. It could be the smallest of things or the best you have. Whatever you have right now is something to be thankful and gracious about.

You might not have much and that’s perfectly okay. There are still things to have gratitude for. You might have more human things to be thankful for rather than material things. Consider the little moments in life, the friends you have, or the helpfulness of your neighbors. Find a reason to feel gratitude because it gets positive emotion rolling. Even just one reason each day is enough to get things rolling.

Maybe you are more fortunate and have more material things in your life. You can still practice gratitude and have thanks for what you have. Expressing gratitude for the positive connections you have made or the mindset you adopted to get to where you are is a good start. Or maybe you are thankful for the person that inspired you to shake up your life and try something new. Perhaps you have gratitude for the success you have had and the wealth you have accumulated on your life path.

One thing that can help or hinder us are our trains of thought. It’s very easy to get sucked into a negative thought pattern and be stuck in it. A way to combat negative thought patterns is to stop them and think about something positive instead. Any of the examples I mentioned above are a good start for the positive momentum. Stop that negative thought train before that bad 5 minutes becomes a bad day.

The idea behind having gratitude and thankfulness is that expressing it is a way to prime your brain for a more positive way of thought. Have a journal to write down what it is you are thankful for or saying it out loud in private. Perhaps engage with your friends what you feel gratitude for when the topic comes up. However you decide to express it is up to you.

A few things I have gratitude and/or are thankful for:

  • That my hair grows and gets longer.
  • My car running and operating amazingly for how old it is.
  • My childhood PS2 still functioning well so I can play my games for it.
  • living in a place where the roof does not leak.
  • AIR CONDITIONING. Just air conditioning in general. I really appreciate the comfort it brings.
  • Living in a time where we have so much technology that makes many things easier.
  • Having a good circle of friends. I expect to meet more awesome people as I go through life.
  • That there are many vegan food options out there to try.

There are many more things I can think of that I feel gratitude and thanks for. This is just a small list of examples for you to get started on thinking about yours. Your list will probably be different than mine and I’m sure you will think of more things as time goes on.

As you go about your life remember to express gratitude and thankfulness every so often. You might just come to realize that perhaps your life is more abundant than you think it is. Revel in this realization and live a positive life.

2 thoughts on “Having Gratitude And Being Thankful

  1. Well put whiteregal. You said it way better than I could. I am so proud of you!! What an awesome grandson you are and I see the great steps you have taken in the past couple years. I am going to start my thankful list this week. Love you.


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