Patreon Is Up!

I finally dropped the hammer and made a Patreon page. I’m not sure how successful it will be but I figured it was worth a shot.

This link will take you there:

I also have a page on the website with a link to it so you don’t have to come back to this article just to find it.

In the midst of this I find myself amazed at the resources we have for making money these days. It’s crazy to think how easy this one thing was to set up and get going. In the past I had a small thing where I sold car parts on forums and Craigslist and feel somewhat confident that I will have some success with this Patreon page. As I look into other outlets for making money I’m excited and curious about growing whatever you want to call this endeavor. I’m thinking about launching some sort of store on Ebay to get a better more reliable audience for the stuff I want to sell. I find Craigslist is just too sketchy and forums only constrain my views to the particular group of people on them. A wider audience of people looking at my stuff will bring more views and perhaps faster turnaround on the items I’m selling.

It’s ultimately your choice if you choose to support me or not. I’ll keep making these articles for you to read.

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