New Horizons

Time has passed. Things have changed, they have certainly changed. When I started this blog some time ago I had the intention to run with it. Events and a life transition happened that made me put this by the wayside. Actually getting caught up in a different routine made me put this down. My state … More New Horizons

Chicken Trucks

The first time I ever saw a chicken truck was a shock for me. This is in the middle of nowhere Alabama near the Georgia border. I had recently moved from a developed part of Florida and have never seen such a sight before. I look at the cages the chickens are housed in. They … More Chicken Trucks

Post Number One

It seems somewhat daunting to me that I’m starting this blog. I have no idea where it’s going to go and the outcome is in the air. I’ve had this idea of pushing on a ripple that came to me some 2 years ago. I think this is the best way to push that ripple … More Post Number One