Realizations, Thoughts, and Ramblings: 2/9/2019

Today has been an interesting one for me. Went to Toastmasters officer training for most of the day. I dressed in the best clothes I had for the event. A nice shirt, tie, pants, and shoes. Most of everybody else was in similar attire so I felt like I nailed it. It was interesting being around such a group of people. There are many entrepreneurs and business owners that use Toastmasters to improve and further their speaking and leadership skills. I joined out of sheer curiosity and can say that I have not been disappointed with my experience thus far.

One goal I would like to meet is to make more entrepreneurial connections through Toastmasters. There are many people who I perceive as self made and would like to hear their stories and learn what they did to get to where they are now. It’s my chance to meet these people where I normally don’t in my daily life.

The moment of lucidity when I realized what exactly it was I was doing was one of amazement. Never in my life would I have imagined myself where I was at that moment. I’m so used to a more underprivileged life for lack of a better descriptor. I’ve never really traversed downtown like that and hung out with successful people.

I would love to associate more with people that are making things happen for themselves. It’s a very jarring transition when I go from work to my weekly Toastmasters meeting. The people are much different with their attitudes towards life. It’s not as bright of an environment as Toastmasters is. Some people feel stuck where they are at or it is all they have known for 20, 30, or perhaps even 40+ years. It’s a scary thought to think I can be somewhere that long and not have grown much and stagnated into the same routine.

I keep reading into such things about the growth mindset, law of attraction, and general personal growth. While my situation might not be the best I still want to believe I can make something of myself. I’m tired of settling for a lifestyle where I feel constantly tired and beat down. If I really want to I could break this cycle. I could walk out the door and start the journey of becoming something.

Perhaps I have already started this journey by recognizing what it is I need to change about myself. Talking these small steps to becoming a better overall person. This may just be easier than I think.

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